Breed Info

How does a Bullnese act?

Temperament is defined as a person or dog’s nature as it permanently affects their behavior. The Bullnese is a well-tempered dog. They are brave, courageous, loving, and silly dogs by nature. Keep in mind that behavior can be influenced in the Bullnese, like any other dog. Behavior habits come through training and how they are treated. Good training and early handling will ensure your Bullnese will be well behaved.

What does a Bullnese look like?


Their head should be sqaure with a groove between their eyes. Their cheeks should be muscular and their “flews” should be thick and hang over their lower jaw.


Their eyes should be big and round


Their ears should be soft and softly folded over


They should have a thick neck with loose skin hanging around it


They should have a nice broad and thick chest and become narrow at the loins.


Their front legs should be slightly bowed, but short and muscular. The back legs should be firm.


Their tail should have a slight curl to it.


They should have short, thick, and dense fur that is soft.


Flaws can come in many different manners including long fur, legs that are too long, tails that are too curly, and ears that stand straight up. These flaws are defined by the American Bullnese Association.